Job Details

  • ST Recruitment Centre (02C4416)

  • Recruitment Centre

  • Logistics Coordinator, Warehouse Dept

  • Tuas

  • $1800-2200

  • 5.5

  • O-Level

  • 1-3


    • Have a high level of education and experience within an office environment, international shipping and stock management.
    • Must be organized and logical, willing to adapt quickly to changing policies and procedures.
    • Must be able to work as part of a team in a fast paced and pressured environment, communicating effectively with both colleagues and clients and following verbal and written instructions.
    • Must be able to efficiently solve problems relating to storage & transportation of goods in locations within the warehouse facility.
    • Able to operate Microsoft Office and be familiar with any other software pertinent to your industry.
    • Reports to the Warehouse Executive.


    1. Responsible for communication with clients, efficiency and the resolution of warehouse storage Full on and fast paced within a team environment, it is a varied and rewarding job with duties ranging from documenting logistics calls to assisting vendors/forwarders on a day to day basis.
    2. Must be able to communicate effectively since the job primarily involves liaising with clients, couriers and other operational departments.
    3. Must be able to organize the update of inventory in the WMS and other appropriate system. Ensure that proper documentation is maintained for all transaction.
    4. Must ensure that goods are received in apparent condition and staging, put away are update at once upon completion of movement of cargoes.
    5. To assist clients/forwarders with product selection and inventory enquiry when required and ensure only authorized goods are allowed for delivery out
    6. Responsible for monitoring deliveries, ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining accurate logs of all transportation and goods.
  • Shipping/ Warehouse/ Logistics/ Procurement

  • Shipping/ Warehouse/ Logistics/ Procurement

  • Permanent

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