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  • ST Recruitment Centre (02C4416)

  • Recruitment Centre

  • Senior Shipping Executive (Construction Materials/Manufacturing) – TUAS/5 DAYS/Upto S$3.5K.


  • N.A.

  • 5

  • Dip

  • Yes

    1. Oversees import and export functions.
    2. Prepare shipping document such as shipping invoice, credit note, packing list, delivery order, certificate of origin, etc.
    3. Liaise with bank on letter of credit negotiation, LC compliance, request LC amendment, receiving of LC from customer and document against payment (DP).
    4. Preparation of export documents in accordance to LC requirements / Customer’s requirement /DA / DP thru Bank.
    5. Liaise with freight forwarder on cargo space and shipment arrangement.
    6. Ensure document such as bill of lading draft, fumigation certificate and custom declaration certificate are received from the freight forwarder.
    7. Liaise with insurance agent on insurance coverage and advise and provide freight cost to sales department.
    8. Coordinate with warehouse and other department to ensure timely delivery.
    9. Monitor and follow up on shipment status.
    10. Generate shipping report.
    11. Provide guidance to junior shipping staff.
    12. Update and maintain overview shipment order summary file in Excel spreadsheet.
  • Shipping/ Warehouse/ Logistics/ Procurement

  • Permanent

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