Job Details

  • ST Recruitment Centre (02C4416)

  • Recruitment Centre

  • Recruitment Coordinator

  • City Hall Area

  • $Negotiable

  • Based on Arrangement

  • O-Level

  • Must have previous HR or recruitment experience in the similar ind.

  • Part time basis:

    3-4 times per week

    3-4 hours per week

    To source and match suitable and qualified candidates for the clients.

    To prepare business terms for the new clients and input their candidates to the systerm for sourcing and matching of data.

    To follow up with order given by the clients and to conduct the facts finding interview  with the potiential candidates to verify their qualifications.

    To arrange for interview for the candidates with the clients.


  • CEI certification is required

  • Admin/ HR

  • Customer Service/ Call Centres Telemarketing

  • Both

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