Job Details

  • ST Recruitment Centre (02C4416)

  • Recruitment Centre

  • Marine Superintendent

  • CBD Office

  • S$ 6,500 - S$11,000

  • 5 days & On-stand-by for emergency

  • Dip

  • Relevant

  • The Marine Superintendent is responsible for ensuring the safe and smooth operations of his or her assigned product tankers. 
    Reports to: Marine Manager / Shipping Manager.
    • Seagoing experience as a Master (at least CoC class 1 or 2), or at least 2 years of experience of shore experience in relation to safety, health and environment management and compliance for product or chemical tankers. 
    • Familiar with international and local maritime regulations and requirements.
    • Strong sense of integrity and professionalism. 
    • Excellent leadership, teamwork, management and communication skills.
    • Able to motivate and inspire people.
    To promote and manage the vessels’ health, safety and environment compliance. 
    To ensure that the vessels are able to perform their voyages and operations.
    To arrange and manage audits and inspections required by the recognised organisation (RO) – ISM, ISPS and MLC.
    To arrange and manage vetting inspections, including submissions onto the OCIMF SIRE online platform.
    To oversee the vessels’ navigational matters, including approval of passage plans and conduct of navigation audits. 
    To ensure compliance with terminal, operators, oil majors and charterers’ requirements.
    To liaise with and manage matters in relation to Flag State and Port State.
    To ensure that Q88 and HVPQ are updated at all times.
    To advise on changes to regulations, requirements and industry best practices.
    To monitor, review and update the company’s SMS.
    To provide vessels with guidance and information regarding the above.
    To provide support, training and enforcement in respect of crew competency and discipline.
    To provide support in respect of queries regarding vessels’ capabilities and performances.
    Member of company’s emergency response team.
    Attend to projects and tasks as assigned
  • Shipping/ Warehouse/ Logistics/ Procurement

  • Executive/ Professional/ Management

  • Permanent

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