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  • 1. What services do you offer to Job Seekers?

    JobSupermart.com offers many services to Job Seekers to help you locate your ideal job. First, you can browse and search through the job postings submitted by our Employer members to look for suitable jobs. Our job search service allows you to quickly home in on jobs that matches your capabilities and experience by entering multiple search criterias.

    Second, by submitting your profile and Resume to our Candidate Search service for employers, you are advertising your capabilites and experience to them. They are able to make a search through information that you have provided, but rest assured that your name will not be disclosed and will be replaced by an ID# instead. You may also update your Resume at any time.

    Third, if you have submitted your Resume, you are able to make a direct application to job advertisements, saving you time in managing the hardcopy Resumes. The Direct Application service will generate a cover letter for you to fill in and attach a copy of your Resume and send it directly to the employer via email.
    All applications made via Direct Application are also reflected in the Job Application Records for your easy reference.

    We also take the time to make sure your applications are forwarded to employers that'll suit your skillset and experience. If for example your forte is customer service, then we'll make sure you're resumes are forwarded to companies offering CSR jobs.

    Fourth, we will send you weekly Job Alerts regarding jobs that matches your criterias. This will ensure that you will never miss any good job opportunity that comes along.

    To enjoy these benefits, register with us now!

  • 2. Do I have to pay for any of the services?

    No. Advertisers pay for our service, but you must register with a genuine email address and personal resume.

  • 3. How can I fully utilize your service?

    Just login at our site under Job Seekers Login, click <<New ? Register Here>> to register and submit your personal particulars/resume. Once successful, you can immediately access and make use of all the services. An email confirmation with your personal ID and password will be sent to you.

  • 4. How do I go about searching and applying for jobs?

    You can look for jobs by browsing through the job categories that appear on our homepage. Alternatively, if you wish to search for jobs using specific criteria, you can use our Job Search facility. Job details can be viewed by clicking on the Job Title in the Job Listings page. Once you have found a job that interests you, you may apply for the job by pressing the " Apply" button.

  • 5. How does the Job Seeker Search service work?

    The Job Seeker Search service is available to Employers and Recruiters to seek suitable candidates to fill their positions. They do this by searching through the submitted profiles of our job seeker members. The profile is a detailed description of the qualifications and experience of the candidate, with all the personal particulars, except your name so that the identity of the candidate remains confidential. If the Employer has interest in a particular profile, then he may click “Contact Job Seeker” to communicate with you directly and instantly. The candidate can decide to response to the Employer’s letter of interest.

    In order for your profile to be viewed by Employers and Recruiters, you may submit via Job Seeker Login page, click New? <>. Then enter all personal details in the resume and “Submit”.

  • 6. How often are the ads in JobSupermart.com updated and how long do they last on the site?

    Typically the job ads are updated almost instantly or as soon as they are verified by us. Then they are being put up for viewing for a period of 60 days .

  • 7. I have made several job applications via email. Will I be able to view these records?

    You may view Job Application Record in the Job Seeker’s section. You can also add remarks or delete record where necessary.

  • 8. What is the service options available to Job Seekers?

    Job seekers who registered with us are provided with the following service options:

    • Post Resume (with update facility at anytime) for viewing by prospective employers.
    • Receive weekly job alerts.
    • Able to upgrade resume to top position to attract the attention of prospective recruiters.
    • Access to job application system for proper job application record update & retrieval.

    Terminate account easily and you are free to register again.

General Questions

  • A. I have forgotten my password. What can I do?

    You can have your password emailed to you by filling in your Member ID at Job Seeker’s Login page “Forgot password?” and pressing the "Submit" button. Your new password will then be sent to your registered email address.

  • B. I have forgotten both my Member ID and password. What can I do?

    Please send an email message to [email protected]. We will retrieve your ID and password. Please include your full name and age in your message for verification purposes.

  • C. How can I change my password?

    You can change your password at our Job Seeker’s section by pressing “Change Password”. Enter your “Old Password” and enter “New Password” twice . Press “Submit” to confirm.

  • D. How can I change/update my resume / registration information?

    You can change your registration information at the Job Seekers section. Proceed to login and press Job Seeker’s profile. Then enter the correct info and press”Save”.


  • 1. Are you a job agency?

    No, we are a job portal and we provide a platform for employers to post their Job Ad and allow job seekers to register and apply for jobs posted by the employers. As such we do not participate in the hiring process in any way.

  • 2. What services do you offer to Employers/Recruiters?

    JobSupermart.com offers a host of services to Employers and Recruiters to help you in attracting and searching for qualified candidates to fill your vacant positions. Our Job Postings service allows you to create affordable job advertisements with no size restrictions that reach out to thousands of job seekers at an instant. Your ads remain online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to 60 days for maximum exposure.

    To allow you to manage your advertisements easily and effectively, we have developed an interactive Job Postings Management system. You can activate, suspend or edit and repost advertisements anytime, giving you complete control.

    Our Search Resume service enables you to locate suitable candidates easily.. The multiple search criteria allows you to quickly zoom in on those candidates that best meet your requirements. Employer may then send Alert or Job Notification emails directly to the selected job seekers.

  • 3. How do I register and start submitting Job Advertisements?

    To start submitting job ads, the first step you need to take is to register your Company. Go to Employer’s login page, click << New? Register Here >> Then fill in the Registration Form with your details. The registration process is quick and simple and should take only a few minutes. When the registration process is completed, an email message with a welcome letter will be sent to your email address within 2 hours of registration. At this point you may contact us for your order details. Thereafter we will prepare and send the invoice to you for payment.

    Once you have received the welcome letter with your password, you may start submitting job ads. To post an ad, just click Post Job Ad menu on the left margin within the Employer’s section. Try to be as accurate and thorough as you can when filling up the form for Job Posting, especially with the Job Category, as Job Seekers may not be able to locate your ad if it is placed in the wrong one. After the form is completed, press the "Submit" button to post it. The ad will be immediately available to all Job Seekers.

  • 4. What are the rates for postings job ads?

    Our rates are amongst the most competitive in the market. Do check out our Special Rates at Our Rates page.

  • 5. Can I activate my account immediately as Im looking for candidates urgently?

    For urgent cases, please contact our Support Staff. We can activate your accounts immediately upon payment.

  • 6. Can I modify my ad after it is submitted?

    Yes, we have developed an Job Posting Management tool that allows you to manage your ads quickly and easily. To modify an ad, just click “Modify” against the Job Title of the ad, make your changes, and press “Save” button to complete the update. You may also click “View” against the Job Title, make the changes while you view and press “Save” once the changes have been made.

  • 7. The position that I advertised is already filled. How do I terminate the ad?

    Just go to the Current Job Postings ,click and select the job ad and press "Suspend" under the status column. The ad will then be classified as “Deactivated” in the Current Job Postings. Subsequently if the job becomes available again, you may then go to the Job postings and “Activate” the job again. This can only be done if the activation is within 60 days of postings.

    If you are sure of deleting the ad permanently, just click onto ad and press “Delete”.
    If, for any reason, you wish to make the ad viewable again, just goto "Deleted Job Ad" and select "Repost" and it will become accessible to Job Seekers. This will be counted as a new ad posting.

  • 8. How does the Search Resume service work?

    The Search Resume service is available to all Employers and Recruiters to seek suitable candidates to fill available positions. You can do this by clicking onto Search Resume menu. Then specify the criterias/parameters desired and press “Submit”. Thereafter a long list of Resumes will appear on the screen allowing you to view all personal details except the Name/Email/Tel#. Once you make your choice, tick the box against the desired Resume and SAVE. You can now view the full details under SAVED RESUME folder. You can also click “Alert” This will triggers “Job Notification” via emails directly to the job seeker, who will apply for the job directly via email. Only “Saved Resume” will be billed. Thus you are encouraged to send as many Job Alerts as possible since not all job seekers are available or interested in the particular job.

  • 9. I would like to repost an ad that has expired. Can I do that and will there be any charges?

    You can repost an advertisement easily via Repost Job Ad at “Deleted“ & “Expired“ job postings. However this shall be considered as a new ad.

  • 10. What are the profiles of your resumes database?

    Currently there are over 200,000 active job seekers in our database. About 20% are foreigners and the remaining are mainly Singaporeans and PRs. The professionals take up about 30% and the remaining are mainly lower to mid-level managerial and rank & file staff who are looking for office/technical and other positions classified over 21 job categories.

  • 11. What is unique about you compared to other job portals?

    Our job portal is designed for ease of use, practical and have all the features employers and recruiters looked for. Our Search Resume system allows instant and easy retrieval of candidates resumes according to user’s specifications, such as Job Categories, Salaries and others. Unlike other job portals, our system allows immediate access to selected resume while protecting the candidates privacy by concealing their names. We seek to provide a level of service that is beyond the expectations of our clients.

General Questions

  • A. I have forgotten my password. What can I do?

    You can have your password emailed to you by clicking “Forgot password” in the employers login section. Then key in your email ID press the "Submit" button. Your new password will then be sent to your registered email address.

  • B. I have forgotten both my Employer ID and password. What can I do?

    Please send an email message to [email protected]. Do include Name, Age and your contact number in your message as we may need to call you for verification purposes.

  • C. How can I change my password?

    You can change your password at the Employer’s Section. Click onto “Change Password”, enter “Old Password” and “New Password” twice, then press “Submit” to confirm.

  • D. How can I change my Company's registration information?

    You can change your Company's registration information at the Employers section. You must be logged in and click “Employers Profile” and update any changes where appropriate. Thereafter press ”Save”.

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