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That is common. Meeting with good and friendly interviewers are also very common.

One uncommon experience that some people may have is with interviewers who were like “interrogators”.

The candidate sits down in front of the interviewer, greets him or her and accepts the chair politely. What happens later is that the interviewer starts to question the candidate and repeatedly try to draw answers out of the candidate.

It is obvious the candidate who went through the bad experience of being questioned and interrogated like a criminal by the interviewer would feel depressed, rejected or even frustrated and disgruntled. It is normal to feel that way. Take heart though, that most of the interviewers are NOT like that. Perhaps a small number of interviewers would fall into the category of attempting to start an “interrogation “ session with the candidate.

In situations like these, the whole interview process is ruined as the candidate would be unnerved and would answer all questions, perhaps as fast as possible in order to make his or her way out of the office as soon as the interview is over.

It is normal for the candidates in that situation to feel at a loss or at a disadvantage because the interviewer holds the decision making power to either hire or reject the candidate and also hold the keys to the appropriate answer or something close to it as he or she questions the candidate. It may be hurting to some candidate’s pride as well if the interviewer forces answers out of them or otherwise asking irrelevant questions with assertiveness.

There is a way to go about it. It is not ALL negative. In a situation like this, do not panic but maintain a courteous and calm composure and respond to the interviewer’s questions politely and maintain eye contact and other positive body language. Face the interviewer confidently and be professional when answering their questions even though they may ask in an intruding or interrogative manner. You CAN turn this to your advantage.

For some people it is like a challenge to be overcome and the rewards may be the end result of impressing the interviewer and perhaps see the brighter and friendlier side of the interviewer. A good rapport could result.

Have faith. When you meet an interrogative interviewer, remember the guidelines given here and you might be pleasantly rewarded with a second interview or perhaps the job offer.

Good Luck!

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