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Great. Let’s say you passed your first interview and a second one has been arranged for you. You are scheduled for another round of tactful, intelligent and decisive sit through with your interviewer. Don’t be afraid.

You might have already covered very much the basics and the important points during the first interview. Be sure to prepare yourself to make it through the second one.

Here’s a look at how you could improve your chances of making it pass the second interview.

The fact that you are asked to come for a second interview means that you are a good candidate whom your employer want to have on board.

Similar questions with regards to your self introduction and your skills and objectives might pop up again for further knowledge and understanding of your talents and abilities as well as your goals.

Pay more attention to the personality which you are going to bring across to people when you are being walked through the company grounds and introduced to other staff of the company.

Be prepared to tell your employer more about your past reputation when you walk through the place with him. Allow him or her to see you having a unique personality or understand the role you used to play in your former company(one which elevates your status not deflate it.

Be sure to respond and behave in a way which your boss would feel you are a suitable candidate who also fits into the company culture and style.

You would definitely be facing subjects like salary and benefits during your second interview. After all, salary is what motivate people to work. Please do not confuse salary discussion and salary offer. In a salary discussion your employer would ask you to tell him or her what kind of salary you are looking at. Give them a variable market rate to work with but not negotiate your salary with them. You may do so after they have offered you the job. Do not make large compromises with your salary figure. If the salary is way out of your requirements, discuss about a higher starting salary discreetly or you be better off declining the offer.

Always remember, a second interview is a sign that you have done well and is about to be let in through the door of employment.

Prepare yourself well for the second interview as the job offer is just a few discussions away.

Good Luck!

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