How to Design a Resume That Stands Out « Back

Lets assume that your resume has been completed and you are ready to submit the resume to your prospective employer. That is good. But what can you do to get past the interviewer’s perusal and at the same time minimize your chances of being rejected or put in a waiting list.

If you are able to have in your resumes list of your job achievements, for example the projects which you completed or the jobs which got you some recognition in writing by your ex-company. You might also want to include in detail but in short sentences what your focus is in working for your new employer.

Make a list of your competence skills and make sure that they correspond to the skills that are needed in your new job.

Your resume would put you in a much better position with the employer who reads your resume if you are able to include the above mentioned aspects in writing.

1. Focus

Employers are usually very busy people and they might not have the time to look through or scrutinize your resume. Make a point to state your objectives in working with your new employer and be sure also to include only information which allows your new employer to understand how your skills and objectives can help the company grow. Do not give long-winded description in your resume.

2. Relevant and High Competency skills

When you have made clear to your new employer about your job objectives and how you would want to grow with the company, you need to also include the relevant skills that you can utilize to help the company in its development or goals.

Mention only the key skills that would correspond to the requirements of the job you are seeking.

3. Achievements

After you have made a clear description of your abilities, skills and objectives to your new employer. It is also important that you include a list of the completed projects or jobs in your past company. This would give your new employer more reasons to consider you over the rest of the candidates. Be sure to state your past achievements in a clear and well arranged manner. Do not go into story telling or long-winded explanations.

Your new employer or hiring personnel may have a network of other key people in other companies apart from the company that they are currently in. To maximize your chances always state all your information and goals and back them up with past records of achievements. That way your prospective employers and hiring personnel would have more reasons to either hire you or refer you to another company.

Remember, you are competing against many other candidates and the first step to go beyond the competition is to write an effective, clear and decisive resume. Once your resume is a cut above the rest, you are on your way to an interview appointment.

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