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During the question and answer segment, nod when there is a positively respond or answer given by the interviewer or when they have finished every sentence to let them know that you are a good listener. Crossing your arms is a no-no as it makes you appear hostile and nervous to the interviewer.

Please take note that you do not make small movements like scratching yourself, adjusting your collar or touching your hair etc.

Make your interviewer perceive you better by avoiding doing these and always face the interviewer when speaking and not swing your chair or tap your feet on the ground.

Crossing your legs is fine but be sure not to have your foot pointing at your interviewer.

Men who like to cross their legs should place the back of his knee over the other kneecap and not have his ankle over his thigh.

The former is showing composure the latter denotes obstinacy.

Remember these before and during the interview to maximize your chances of looking promising to your interviewer.

Never forget to shake your interviewer’s hand with a firm handshake and thank them for the interview with a smile.

Lastly, never comment on the personal belongings of your interviewer or other items in the office.

Keep these in mind and your interview will be much easier to get pass.

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