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Worry about unemployment? Fret not, chances are you will be working much of your lifetime.

1 - Don't have a proper Mindset!

Be it being asked to leave, found a better prospect, or simply wanting to take a break. You have decided to move on from where you were. Keep your composure and plan ahead for what you really want. Most people have lost a job, or will, as companies go through takeovers, company mergers, divestitures, retrenchments of work force, business takeovers, downsizing, company restructuring or become an alleged victim of executive misappropriation such as being accused of alleged CBT of various varieties.

If you haven't had the composure or opportunity to talk with your former employer on severance pay, or claming certain medical benefits do so in a timely and professional manner. File for unemployment compensation. The sooner you can accept the situation you are in the sooner you can move on. Maintain a sense of humor. If you can show that you can produce results that your employer is looking for you will be a desirable candidate for a position.

2 - Don't be prepared to deal with Pressure!

If you are financially sound then you probably don't need a job right away.

While you are employed don't live beyond your spending means. When you get a raise and you automatically step up you regular spending you haven't gained financially at all. Credit cards can be the source of all financial woes but, they are a good laon alternative when you can't get a credit line because you are not employed.

3 - Don't be prepared before you start looking for employment!

Learn to understand the language and mindset of others and speak their language when applicable when talking about effective ways to land your desired job. There is no guaranteed which approach is the best for any one job seeker but, it will be highly effective when seeking a full time job. Don't procrastinate, every tomorrow is a chance lost. You need to be pro-active. You are selling yourself to your employer. Think positive and prepare the things you need to say to your employer.

4 - Don't forget your options!

It may take a while to find the job you really want. Consider a part time job/freelance, working on a trial basis, or a job set up by an agency while you continue your job search. Consider broadening the scope of your employment search. You can apply for different positions than you have experience in. You can travel further than you originally wanted to. It might be beneficial if you consider a different job or lodging location if you haven't exactly thought about it.

5 - Don't fail to sharpen your job search skills!

Once you managed to gathered the proper tools required, you will need to conduct market and job research, prepare email, phone or face to face correspondence and have resumes that are tailored to specific job positions and requirements. Good telephone etiquette and proper procedure on the telephone interviews and face to face ones are the most essential.

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