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  • ST Recruitment Centre (02C4416)

  • Recruitment Centre

  • Electrician

  • Admiralty

  • $Nego

  • 5


  • 1-2


    • Diploma in relevant vocational training (Electrical or Electronics) or successfully completed apprenticeship as an electrician or other wise.
    • Proven experience as an Electrician. 
    • Experience in industrial and/or commercial electrical systems.
    • Demonstrate ability to read and analyse electrical drawing and blueprints.
    • Demonstrate ability to use electrical and hands on tools (e.g. wire strippers, voltmeter etc.) and electrical drawings and blueprints.
    • Thorough knowledge of safety procedures and legal regulations and guidelines.


    1. Execute plans of electrical wiring for electrical systems. 
    2. Install electrical control panel, transfer pumps, starters.
    3. Install safety and distribution components (e.g. switches, resistors, circuit-breaker panels etc.)
    4. Connect wiring in electrical circuits and networks ensuring compatibility of components.
    5. Prepare and assemble conduits, cable tray, wiring, and termination, testing and commissioning.
    6. Prevent breakdown of systems by routinely inspecting and replacing old wiring and insulated cables, cleaning circuits etc.
    7. Perform effective troubleshooting to identify hazards or malfunctions and repair or substitute damaged units.
  • Technical/ Engineering/ Production

  • Technical/ Engineering/ Production

  • Permanent

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