Job Details

  • ST Recruitment Centre (02C4416)

  • Recruitment Centre

  • Inventory Data Analyst

  • Town

  • S$ 2,800 - S$5,000

  • 5.5 Days

  • Dip

  • Relevant

    • Understanding our products and their purpose to the Marine, Contruction, Oil & Gas industries.
    • Conduct and be involved in stocktake exercises, be it for mock or year end Audit.
    • Investigate discrepancies involving inventory amounts.
    • Follow up on Quality Check reports of incoming stock.
    • Monitor, track and conduct follow-up actions of incoming stock.
    • Possibility of getting the chance to help in liaising with Overseas Suppliers, and procurement. (Upgrade)
  • Technical/ Engineering/ Production

  • Building/ Construction/ Real Estate

  • Permanent

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