Job Details

  • ST Recruitment Centre (02C4416)

  • Recruitment Centre

  • Inventory/ Data Analyst

  • Jalan

  • 2200-3000

  • 5.5


  • No experience needed

  • Requirements:

    IT Savvy, especially in Microsoft Excel.
    Collecting and analyzing data.
    Able to identify the FMCG & SMCG quickly
    Interested in exploring AI
    Identifying buying patterns and trends in data sets
    Data Analysis encompasses the obtaining and analysis of data to improve the efficiency of procurement and sales trends


    Understanding our products and their purpose.
    Conduct and be involved in stocktake exercises, be it for mock or year end audit.
    Investigate discrepancies involving inventory amounts.
    Follow up on Quality Check reports of incoming stock.
    Monitor, track and conduct follow-up actions of incoming stock.
    Possibility of getting the chance to help in liaising with overseas suppliers, and procurement.


  • Others

  • Permanent

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